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Tayo's Road Awesome - A STEAM Co. Story

Film & Campaign Description

Nick Corston - Dad, Co-founder and CEO of STEAM Co. writes: 

This film opens and closes with a story about the power of dreams and the challenge of the journey to get there. It features a young lad called Tayo who came up to me after one of our STEAM Co. creativity days in his school.

I didn't have a fancy camera or microphone to hand but managed to capture it on my phone and was delighted when his mother at the school gate that day, and the school gave us permission to use it in our films.

Tayo's humble dream reminded me of the key story in Sir Ken Robinson's No 1 TED Tallk on how schools can kill creativity which has had over 350million views.

Of how the government have just funded a fantastic national festival of creativity at a cost of £120m which, like a circus, was leaving town with, in this case, little more than some scrap metal and bushes and shrubs on the beach at Weston Super Mare and a few boxes ticked.

Of how inner city arts funding has just been cut in London.

How ordinary people like my recently deceased mother, can do extraordinary things in their communities.

What Winston Churchill would have said. Did say.

Of our mission to start a creativity revolution by 'raising a million quids to inspire a million kids to aim higher than high, pwoered by creativity and community'.

All the footage in this film was shot on a mobile phone and edited on a laptop in the back of a camper van.

So we hope you'll bear that in mind when viewing it, and 'won't worry about the quaility, but feel the width'.

And vote for Tayo and the millions of children like him, who have a dream and a choice of two roads to go down.

Young people, communities and country that have never needed creativity, inspiration and great teachers more.


We’re here to Champion, Inspire and Ignite Creativity in our Schools, Work and Lives.

We're over the moon to have had two films selected for the Charity FIlm Awards 2024:

- We're All SponsorX - From Brand Buzz to Lasting Legacy, a 5 minute film that McLaren and one of their sponsors Smartsheet spent a lot of money on about our work. See/Vote here

- Books Change Lives - Our #BigBookBet on #1984in23, an 8 minute film we made on our phones about a unique, audacious and ambitious campaign to sell an art work for £125k - See/Vote here

We believe Creativity can Inspire our Children in their Learning, Connect Communities and Power the Country's Economy

With the #Our Million appeal we’re on a Mission to Raise a Million Quids to Inspire a Million Kids to Aim Higher than High with our sessions in School Communities, Fetes and Festivals across the UK.

We want to Ignite #Our Creativity Revolution across the country by putting up to 22 of our Pop-Up Creativity Day Drop Trucks and STEAMsters on the road.

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