2024 Smiley Charity Film Awards Finalists Revealed!

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We are thrilled to announce the finalists for the Smiley Charity Film Awards 2024! After an inspiring showcase of talent and creativity, the first round of voting has concluded, and it's time to celebrate the remarkable films that have made it to the final stage.

These finalists represent the best in cause-based storytelling, each film showcasing a unique narrative that resonates with the ethos of philanthropy and social impact. As we gear up for an unforgettable awards ceremony, we invite you to explore the profound stories these films tell and the significant causes they champion.

Moreover, mark your calendars for the 14th of February, as it marks the commencement of the second round of voting for the People's Choice award. This is your opportunity to have a direct impact by voting for your favourite film. Your vote not only celebrates the filmmakers' dedication and talent but also amplifies the causes they stand for.

Visit our finalists page to learn more about the nominated films.

Smiley Charity Film Awards returns this year to share some of the most powerful and emotive charity stories of the year.

As the world’s largest campaign promoting cause-based films, the awards shares video campaigns with millions of viewers, spotlighting charities tackling the most pressing issues of our time.

Incredible impact

  • Since its creation, more than 3,000 charities have benefited – gaining exposure, donations and volunteers.

  • Over previous years, the awards have generated 300 million film impressions and attracted 500,000+ people tuning into the virtual ceremonies.

  • Charities entering the awards gain a huge boost in engagement and this year we can expect even better results.

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Global Recognition 

The awards are recognised by both BFI and IMDb and are powered by Smiley Movement, a platform for initiatives driving positive change.

Film entries can be of any length and can be about any charity topic. Winners of the 6th annual Charity Film Awards were announced at the awards ceremony on Tuesday 21 March 2023. View the 2023 winners here.


Testimonials From Previous Winners

“It just feels amazing. I think the most important thing for us is that there are so many people here today who will know about our charity and the work we do to support young people with cancer.”

~ Teenage Cancer Trust

“It’s so important because any one of us could become a carer overnight and we often say that we’re invisible, unseen and unheard. Tonight we’ve definitely been seen and heard.”

~ We Care Campaign

“We’re just delighted to have the recognition and to be able to tell our story to more people.”

~ Charity: Water

“It’s pretty cool and amazing. We’ve had our film shown in a few cinemas but nothing as big as this.”

~ Harry Kane Foundation

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What is Smiley Movement?

Smiley Movement is a platform for change with a vision: to inspire positive change in society by highlighting the people – and organisations – doing good in our world. We're a nonprofit community interest company, sponsored by the original SmileyⓇ brand. Through our four main content pillars – equality, planet, wellbeing and culture – we align all our work with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

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