What are the judges looking for?

We have an expert panel of judges scoring your films in for the Smiley Charity Film Awards 2024. They know their stuff! Take a look at who will be scoring your entries this year. We're adding new judges all the time so keep an eye on our LinkedIn page for any announcements.

They'll score films based on cinematography, script, acting, emotional response and concept. They'll award a mark out of 10 for each film and provide written feedback.

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What else do you need to know?

Films should be below 5 minutes unless entering the long-form category.

  • Target audience. Is the message of the film tailored directly to the target audience?

  • Authenticity. Does the film have an authentic connection between the film and the cause itself? Films should be a genuine reflection of the work of the charity.

  • Communication. Does the film have clear communication, and focus on how it resonates with the cause?

  • Narrative. How well did the cause tell the story, and harness the power of film to recount a narrative?

  • Provoke thought. Does the film move the audience and affect them to think differently about the world?

  • Call to action. Does the film have a clear, succinct and inspiring call to action?