We’re here to Champion, Inspire and Ignite Creativity in our Schools, Work and Lives.

We're over the moon to have had two films selected for the Charity FIlm Awards 2024:

- We're All SponsorX - From Brand Buzz to Lasting Legacy, a 5 minute film that McLaren and one of their sponsors Smartsheet spent a lot of money on about our work. See/Vote here

- Books Change Lives - Our #BigBookBet on #1984in23, an 8 minute film we made on our phones about a unique, audacious and ambitious campaign to sell an art work for £125k - See/Vote here

We believe Creativity can Inspire our Children in their Learning, Connect Communities and Power the Country's Economy

With the #Our Million appeal we’re on a Mission to Raise a Million Quids to Inspire a Million Kids to Aim Higher than High with our sessions in School Communities, Fetes and Festivals across the UK.

We want to Ignite #Our Creativity Revolution across the country by putting up to 22 of our Pop-Up Creativity Day Drop Trucks and STEAMsters on the road.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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