The New Normal Charity
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Film & Campaign Description

The film shows Ben and Jack, the founders of TNN Charity, discussing how they met, how they set up the first ever Good Grief peer support meeting, and why the work of the charity is so important to the bereaved people who use the services, and the importance of opening up around our mental health. We then meet Amber and Matt, two hugely important people within the charity. Both joined a group, and have never left. From attendees to volunteers, their work is important to the growth and ongoing support. 

The New Normal Charity

The New Normal was founded by friends, who had bonded as strangers, over the loss of their dads. Launching peer support meetings, in May 2018, TNN creates spaces for adults to connect, share and bond over the death of their significant people. Since the very first group, the charity has gone on to host over 1000 meetings to bereaved adults from around the world. Connecting those who want a space to open up and better understand what they are feeling and experiencing emotionally and find a community that understands. 

UN Sustainable Development Goals

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