The New Normal Charity

The New Normal provides space for adults who are struggling with life’s difficult moments, particularly bereavement, to discuss these issues through non-judgemental peer to peer group support. Our aim is provide free and accessible grief
support for all.

TNN was founded when two friends who had both lost their fathers, wanted to share and expand their conversations around grief with others who were experiencing loss. In May 2018, they hosted the first Good Grief peer support meeting in central London.

Since that first meeting, The New Normal has gone on to deliver over 1,000 meetings to bereaved adults from around the world, as well as training communities to deliver their own nuanced peer support. 

Connecting those who want a space to open up and better understand what they are feeling and experiencing emotionally and find a community that understands. We believe that nobody should ever feel isolated, and there is always somebody who will relate to your story. 

If there's one, there's two.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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