Resuscitation Council UK

Resuscitation Council UK is working towards a day when every person in society has the skills they need to save a life.

Resuscitation Council UK is the national expert in resuscitation.

Formed in 1983, Resuscitation Council UK is committed to ensuring that survival rates for in and out of hospital cardiac arrest improve. We’re doing this by driving CPR education, and encouraging everyone, from healthcare workers to the general public, to learn life-saving resuscitation skills.

Our committees of healthcare professionals bring decades of expertise, research, and training experience to help us deliver life support courses and provide clinical guidelines for health and care professionals.

We want to make sure more people arrive at a hospital with their best chance of surviving a cardiac arrest, and with an opportunity to receive the care they deserve both during the event and while they recover. This involves public participation and learning skills in CPR so we can all help the people around us in an emergency.

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