Marylebone Project

The Marylebone Project, based in Central London, empowers women to overcome homelessness. We are the largest and longest-running centre of its kind in the UK – with over 90 years of experience, 112 residential beds, and the only women’s-only homelessness centre that’s open 24/7, 365 days a year.

We believe in providing a safe, supportive environment for women to rebuild trust, learn to re-engage with society and start to rebuild their lives with the support of our all-encompassing service. Our clients face a huge range of life-altering challenges - Domestic abuse, Human trafficking, Alcohol and drug misuse, Unemployment, Loneliness, Disability and Mental health - but whatever their story, we aim to provide a life-changing service that enables them to move on and live full, independent lives, and it works - 95% of our women maintain their tenancies for at least a year.

Our Patron is musician Ellie Goulding who has provides unwavering support to our work and makes the time in her busy schedule to spend with our inspiring ladies. The Marylebone Project is a flagship social action project of national charity Church Army. 

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