Harry's Hydrocephalus Awareness Trust

We are a user-led national charity which aims to make life better for children with hydrocephalus (known as water on the brain) and the families who love and care for them. 

Every year in the UK around 1 in 770 babies will develop hydrocephalus, making it as common as down syndrome and the number one reason for brain surgery in children, yet few have heard of it- we need to change this! 

To achieve our mission, we:

  • Raise awareness of paediatric hydrocephalus to highlight the condition and promote a better understanding
  • Fund front-line health care professionals to access training which consequently helps to improve patient care
  • Fund research to improve treatment options and increase understanding of the impact of the diagnosis for the whole family
  • Connect families to reduce isolation and build resilience through our Families Together Programme
  • Campaign for better understanding of the importance of infant head circumference measurement as a tool for early diagnosis via our #GetAHead campaign. 

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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