Shpresa Programme
Lives On Hold: Our Stories Told

Film & Campaign Description

As the world experienced covid, this docu-animation powerfully brings to life the unique experiences of children and young people whose lives were put on hold in the asylum system, and the profound legacies it has on their lives. The young people pitch for, win and carry out participatory research with a team from University College London, Southampton University and Liverpool University, ultimately making this documentary of their Lives On Hold: Our Stories Told (LOHST). The young people and researchers gathered accounts from children and young people as well as practitioners showing how Covid has compounded some of the fundamental systemic issues in the asylum system, and reveals some of the strategies they use to survive and overcome them with the aim of improving the system for other children and young people. You can find out more about the project at Lives On Hold and follow @LohstP

Shpresa Programme

Lives On Hold Our Stories Told is created by a group of young people who came to the UK as unaccompanied asylum seeking children and became part of Shpresa. Shpresa is not the story of a professional, slick NGO – although Shpresa is both professional and slick – but the story of some impressive women (and it is almost exclusively down to women), struggling themselves with their new life in the UK, making their own way successfully and then being determined to use this experience to help fellow community members, including young unaccompanied asylum seeking children. 

Shpresa Programme (Shpresa) promotes the integration – with dignity – of the Albanian-speaking community in the UK, providing and facilitating education and training so that members and service users can live full and active roles within their communities.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

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