Judges’ Award 2024 Bronze International Impact

Equality Now
Woman. Life. Freedom: Honoring the activism of Iranian women and girls

Film & Campaign Description

At Equality Now, our goal is to deliver a just world for women and girls through legal equality. We want women and girls to enjoy the same rights as men and boys. This is why we stand in solidarity with the women and girls of Iran.

In 2022, Mahsa Amini’s death and others sparked widespread protests in Iran, prompting women of all generations to speak out. Men of all ages joined them, recognizing the essential role of women’s equality in fostering freedom in any society. But this isn’t a recent phenomenon, the struggle for equality has been ongoing in Iran for decades.

Watch our powerful film about the fortitude and courage of the women and girls of Iran who have helped bring their country to this turning point in its history and have lost their lives in the fight for equality.

Equality Now

Equality Now is an international human rights organization that works to protect and promote the rights of all women and girls worldwide. Our campaigns are centered on four program areas: Achieving Legal Equality, Ending Sexual Violence, Ending Harmful Practices, and Ending Sexual Exploitation, with a cross-cutting focus on the unique needs of adolescent girls. We combine grassroots activism with international, regional, and national legal advocacy to achieve legal and systemic change that benefits all women and girls, and we work to ensure that governments enact and enforce laws and policies that uphold their rights.

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