Little Heartbeats (Non Profit)
Where There's a Heartbeat, There's Hope

Little Heartbeats (Non Profit)

PPROM is our passion and we have helped thousands of women and their families in the UK and internationally. By providing online support via our website and support groups, and providing care packs. We are also patient advocates and when our pregnant women can no longer talk, we are their voice. 

Our work exists in memory of our Sinead, who did not get to grow up. Her legacy, gives us a purpose to give back and help women who feel they are alone, to know they are not alone 

Your votes will help us raise awareness of our work, and it will also outreach out to women who are currently enduring a PPROM pregnancy. 

this is our website here, 

PPROM, is the medical word for when your waters break before 37 weeks gestation. 

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: