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What would you do if you could start your life all over again?

Film & Campaign Description

What does it really mean to leave everything behind and run for your life? For World Refugee Day, we asked the public to spend a moment imagining what refugees and displaced people are experiencing. We also talked to refugees across the globe to hear their stories of displacement and of the lives they left behind.

In this film, we asked people what they would do if they could start their lives over again. From professional surfer, to travelling more, to spending money more wisely – people in the UK had plenty of ideas. Responses from refugees were a little different. Hussein just wants to go back to his home and live the future he was planning for. Hamdi wants to be Minister of Education, so that all girls have the opportunity to go to school.

Every day, thousands of people have to start their lives over again when they are forced to flee from disasters or conflict. But for them it’s not a choice.

CARE International UK

CARE International is a leading humanitarian organisation fighting global poverty, operating in over 100 countries.

Founded in 1945, we work around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. We seek a world of hope, inclusion and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live with dignity and security.

We place special focus on women and girls, because we know that we cannot overcome poverty until all people have equal rights and opportunities.

Over 110 million people have been displaced by war, persecution, violence and human rights abuses across the globe. As multiple crises rage, millions more will be faced with the heartbreaking decision to leave their homes in search of safety, through no fault of their own. For World Refugee Day, we asked the public to spend a moment imagining what starting your life all over again might be like. 

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