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Good Chance
Welcome to Good Chance

Film & Campaign Description

​​Good Chance is a UK-based arts charity, bringing diverse people and communities together in civil society through theatre, art and creativity. We create work that “shakes hands with the world” to boost social connection, share skills and cultural traditions, and tell essential human stories that help us understand the complex world we live in.

Since 2015, we’ve written and produced the award-winning play The Jungle, which we’ve shown 320 times in four top theatres in London, New York and San Francisco, and which has been seen by 130,000 audience members. Our production, The Walk, reached 40+ million globally and over 150,000 in-person in 70 villages, towns and cities across 8 countries. We’ve also built 12 Good Chance Domes in Europe and the UK, and worked with 650 artists and volunteers, who’ve engaged 27,500 participants.

From our time in the Calais Jungle refugee camp to our very BIG latest production, Fly With Me, we've been inspired and humbled by the power of people to come together through creative action and build hope. We believe it’s time for theatre and art to rediscover their ancient power to connect, tell our shared story and create new opportunities.

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We believe that everyone deserves a good chance, help us to give it.

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Good Chance

We are Good Chance, the Theatre of Hope.

We create ground-breaking, heart-thumping theatre that shakes hands with the world. We spark new conversations about the big issues of our time and make real change possible.

We tell stories like The Walk with Amal and The Jungle that touch hearts and change minds. We make hope happen by uniting displaced communities in our Dome Theatres and through our Ensemble programmes. We co-create projects like Fly With Me with incredible artists from around the world.

What started in a small tent in the muddy fields of Calais has grown into a global movement of hope and humanity.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: