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CRY - Care and Relief for the young
We are - CRY - with us.

Film & Campaign Description

This film was released as part of our 30th anniversary campaign in 2022. It gather images from the last 3 decades from all around the world. It was premiered at our #CRY30 Gala at St Mary’s stadium, home of Southampton FC, in September. The poem and music were especially written for this video by some tremendous artists.

Through this short film - we are hoping to showcase what we are about, where we were, and more importantly where we are going.

In a world where it feels that the needs are increasing every day - our commitment as a charity is to grow and continue support vulnerable children globally.

This video is an invitation to anyone that feels compassion for such a cause to join us in in our mission. 

CRY - Care and Relief for the young

We are CRY - Care And Relief For The Young. A children’s charity operating in 35 countries in the global south. We support existing local NGOs and projects which support the most vulnerable children on earth. In partnership with all our friends around the world we offer holistic and tangible support with the aim to develop strategies which will truly break the cycle of poverty. 

Our key care pillars are the following, these define our work, who we are and where we are going as a charity: 

1. Empower Girls (for example: in Afghanistan) 

2. Improve Mental Health (for example in Guatemala) 

3. Support Refugees (for example: in Greece)

4. Enable Education (for example: in Kibera, Kenya)

5. Provide Aid (for example: in Ukraine)

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: