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Unbound the Greyhound

Film & Campaign Description

The Unbound the Greyhound animation tells the story of Bob the greyhound, who has been rescued from the greyhound racing industry, and fictional greyhound, Bea, who remains in the racing industry. Through the narration of Bob the greyhound, the short film explores the welfare issues of dog racing and highlights the need for a phase out to dog racing in Scotland.

The Unbound the Greyhound campaign is formed by 9 animal protection groups, including campaigning charities, rehoming centres and an all-party parliamentary group. OneKind is leading the campaign and the Unbound the Greyhound animation was funded solely by OneKind.

Our campaign coalition consists of the following groups: OneKind, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Dog Advisory Welfare Group (APDAWG), Animal Concern, Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, GREY2K USA Worldwide, Hope Rescue, League Against Cruel Sports Scotland, Say No to Greyhound Racing in Scotland, and Scotland Against Greyhound Exploitation (SAGE).

The groups, from those based across Scotland, England and Wales, to the international non-profit GREY2K USA Worldwide, are committed to ensuring that the Scottish Government puts an end to dog racing in Scotland.


OneKind has been campaigning to end cruelty to animals for over 100 years. We fight for a world where every animal's life matters.

We effect positive change for animals through high-profile campaigns, political lobbying, investigations and public education. This allows us to shape the cultural and legislative landscape to seek justice for animals. We create conversations around challenging questions and seek innovative solutions to welfare problems. Our work is informed by current scientific evidence and fuelled by dedicated supporters. 

We work with like-minded organisations across the UK, Europe and globally, towards a world in which humans empathise with other animals, treat them with kindness, dignity and compassion, and allow them to flourish.

Some of our recent successes in Scotland include achieving a ban on the 'sport' of foxhunting, ending the mass scale killing of mountain hares and securing a commitment from the Scottish Government to ban the use of snares.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: