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International Planned Parenthood Federation
Tigray Crisis: It Takes a Village

Film & Campaign Description

The civil war in the Tigray region of Ethiopia began in November 2020, causing tens of thousands of people to flee. The Um Rakuba refugee camp can be found on the southern border of Sudan, with a population of over 20,000 people and growing, is the size of a small town.

IPPF Member Association, The Sudan Family Planning Association (SFPA) is the only provider of family planning commodities in the Um Rakuba refugee camp, and the female-led clinical team is an exemplar of humanitarian aid being delivered in the most difficult of circumstances. The clinic is open five days a week and includes doctors, nurses, midwives, psychiatrists, a laboratory technician, and a pharmacist. The services are free, as is the medicine. It takes a village to run a clinic like this one.

As the crisis in Tigray shows no signs of abating, and the future of refugees remains uncertain, the urgency and necessity of sexual and reproductive healthcare must not be forgotten.