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The Gurkha Museum Trust
The Story of Nepti the Tiger | Gharma Siknu

Film & Campaign Description

Gharma Siknu, Nepali for To Learn at Home, is the latest in our digital outreach activities and has been made especially for children.

We have produced a set of five animated films for children on Gurkha history. They can join our hosts Gaumaya and Brian as they go right back through the 200+ year history of the Gurkha soldier through both world wars and some of the other most interesting stories from Gurkha history.

The videos, which have been funded by the Army Museums Ogilby Trust, are around 3-5 minutes long and have been specially produced to engage younger audiences in the service and sacrifice of Gurkhas to this country.

The fifth episode in the series focuses on the story of Nepti the Tiger who was adopted by a group of soldiers whilst in Malaya during the 1950's.

The Gurkha Museum Trust


Ensuring the future of Gurkha Heritage


We honour and promote the heritage and culture of the Gurkha Soldier and his continuing service to Britain.

Gurkhas have loyally served this country for over 200 years. The Gurkha Museum ensures the future of Gurkha Heritage by celebrating, honouring and promoting the history and culture of the Gurkha Soldier and their continuing service to Britain.

Located in Peninsula Barracks in Winchester the Museum takes you on a journey through Gurkha history, beginning with their origins in Nepal and the moment in 1815 when Gurkhas were first enlisted to fight for Britain.

The extraordinary stories on display and housed in our archives cover not only the battles and campaigns but the culture and religion of the homeland of this unique fighting force. We see them locked in battle with mutinous sepoys in 1857, then standing guard in India’s North West and North East frontiers before being sent half a world away to the trenches of the Western Front in 1914 and The Falkland Islands in the early 1980s.

Through its collections and archives the Museum represents over 200 years of a unique and historic relationship, one that continues to this day, with the annual recruitment of Gurkhas from Nepal continuing to be vital for Britain’s Armed Forces.