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Tea With Two Sugars

Film & Campaign Description

Welcome to "Being Heard Music Group" and their Creative Musical Film "A Tea With Two Sugars"

Step into a world where the power of creativity knows no bounds and meet Cerebral Palsy Midlands (CPM) and our "Being Heard Music Group." A group of adults, each with unique stories and a shared determination to break barriers and make their voices resound across the horizon. 
With the help and direction of Musical Director and tutor Richard Ganner and Director Craig Keogh, the group was inspired to write a musical that would help raise awareness and promote inclusion. In the face of life's challenges, particularly around accessing transport, individuals within the 'Being Heard Music Group' at CPM have chosen to embrace their journey with cerebral palsy and complex needs, turning these daily challenges into an opportunity for musical expression. At the heart of it all lies an unwavering commitment to 'be seen', 'be heard', and 'be celebrated' for who they are and the stories they wish to tell. Often, these stories are spoken about over tea or a coffee with friends, hence the name for this musical, "A Tea with Two Sugars."
Amidst the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, "Being Heard" set their sights on a project that would resonate with their hearts - a vibrant, powerful live musical film focusing on disability awareness. With support from an organisation called 'Quench Arts', they applied for a 'National Lottery' - 'Awards for All' Community Grant worth £10,000 in March 2020 and successfully applied.
As the £10,000 grant came in, the CPM centre closed due to the pandemic restrictions. Undeterred, this extraordinary group pivoted to an online platform, staying connected through 'Zoom' and nurturing their artistic ideas in the virtual space until the community day services resumed. They could once again begin to put their plans in motion. Writing lyrics, singing, filming, and creating the script, all of this film is their very own creation.
This musical film is a tale of resilience, turning adversity into art, and proving that passion knows no bounds. Stay tuned as "Being Heard" prepares to share their extraordinary journey, challenges, dreams, frustrations, and unique voices with the world, breaking down barriers and inviting everyone to embrace the beauty of diversity.  Join us on this awe-inspiring adventure as we amplify the voices that deserve to be heard and celebrate the magic of "Being Heard."

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Founded in 1947, Cerebral Palsy Midlands (CPM) offers MORE THAN just day services. We support adults (18+) with Cerebral Palsy or other disabilities whose needs are complex in living fulfilled and independent lives within the West Midlands area. • A place to develop your LIFE (Learning Independence For Everyone) skills.
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• Advocacy and support with our 'URconnectABLE' service. Cerebral Palsy Midlands is a registered charity and an adult 'day service' provider in Harborne, Birmingham. We aim to empower and support people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

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