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Film & Campaign Description

Stuart Bratt, founder and CEO of Tough Enough To Care (TETC) and former RAF Armourer, is tackling men's mental health head on, through the power of film. Working in partnership with Playmotion Visuals, they have released a poignant film showcasing the pain and suffering that comes with tackling mental health alone. Crucially, it highlights the services available to men in this position, encouraging a shift in mindset of society - men should no longer have to suffer in silence, or be expected to man up when their world is crumbling.

Tough Enough To Care

Following the suicides of 2 close friends within days of each other, with no warning signs, our founder, Stu Bratt, decided something had to be done to kick the stigma surrounding mental health and to stamp out the “man up” culture. We aim our focus toward male dominated spaces, where the “man up” culture is unfortunately ingrained, such as Armed Forces, Emergency services, Construction industries and sports clubs, to change the way of thinking and make it easier for men to open up. We offer help and support to anyone, however they identify, no matter what industry or background you may have. We also want to offer support and guidance to those indirectly affected by mental health issues, such as people who care for those who are struggling as they often need support too, we are here for you.

Being Ex-Military, having played rugby his whole life and also as an Industrial engineer, Stu has seen first hand on a daily basis how people in these environments refuse to open up for fear of ridicule or being taken off frontline duties and this needs to stop. Our mission is for the subject of mental health to become an everyday comfortable subject of discussion, whilst promoting positive conversations around mental health and for suicide to be spoken about and not hidden away, thus removing the stigma that surrounds the word in a modern day society.

We teamed up with our charity ambassador and film producer, Alex Bowdery, to produce a thought provoking and impactful video which gives viewers an insight in to the struggles of an 'everyday person' navigating their way through their own journey. Every campaign designed by Tough Enough To Care is aimed towards everyone and anyone who might need support but does not know where to turn, how to start or simply who can help in their time of need. Support is always available, for everyone, at all times.

Thankyou for your continued support,
Stu & the TETC Family


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