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Stay in the fight

Film & Campaign Description

This film was produced with 'Don't Panic' to launch Oxfam's new Legacy campaign 'Stay in the fight'. The film is actually titled 'Back in my day' and features the story of a grandmother talking to her grandchildren about the campaigning she did as a younger woman. As an elderly woman she doesn't stand in the street with placards anymore, but she is still in the fight.

The campaign aims to show that by leaving a legacy to Oxfam you stay in the fight against poverty and injustice: 

There are many ways to rally against injustice. We can stand in the street holding placards, sign petitions or share ideas with the people around us. We can volunteer, make a regular donations, or pledge gifts in our Wills.

Whichever you choose, it’s only by uniting behind a common goal and speaking with one voice that we can make the world a fairer place.

If you believe a fairer world is possible, you can stay in the fight. By leaving a gift in your Will to Oxfam you’ll leave a legacy that keeps on fighting for justice. And every contribution could be instrumental in changing the systems that fuel poverty.

They’ll help build much-needed support for future generations of change-makers like you.

And you’ll be by their side – forever.

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Oxfam is a global community of people who believe in a kinder, and radically better world, where everyone has the power to thrive not just survive. We believe we can overcome poverty by fighting the injustices and inequalities that fuel it.

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