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Online Grooming has risen 82% in the last 6 years.

As part of our mission to make life kind… we partnered with Hollyoaks’ Jamie Lomas, and the team at Four1 Productions to offer a FREE online safety package (and optional session) to schools across the UK, including the exclusive online safety short-film – Snapcatch.

Snapcatch is a short film, created by Jamie Lomas, and Four1 productions – to raise awareness around online grooming and educate on safety for young people.

Starring: Peter Andre, Junior Andre, Hollyoaks’ Niamh Blackshaw and Steve Connolly…

The film poses the question: Do you ever really know who you are talking to online? Tackling the tough topic of Online Grooming - this film is a must see for young people, parents, teachers, educators and anyone passionate about making a change to social safety for young people. We’re working together to make the online world safer for young people.

Make Life Kind Charity

Make Life Kind started out as a movement with a mission to make a difference in our local partner schools, communities, and groups… Now, we are officially a CHARITY!

Powered by Milk Education, we are driven by positive change and fuelled by positive influence!

From the beginning, we have been on a mission to tackle stigmas in education, and speak up about things that matter! What started as a focused mental health movement, has developed into a wider mission to educate on all ‘taboo’ or stigmatised topics in schools and beyond.

Kindness is key! Let’s Make Life Kind together.

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