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Shantae's Story

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Meet Shantae

Shantae was referred to Safer London due to violence and problematic sexual behaviour. Viewed as a perpetrator by many of the professionals around her, Shantae was not getting the support she desperately needed.

By working on building a strong trusting relationship with Shantae and her family, we were able to unpick what was really going on in her life. When we dug deeper into Shantae’s world, we discovered a history of abuse, exploitation and violence.

By working alongside Shantae and her family, she was able to make the progress she needed to carve out a positive future of herself.

Safer London

Safer London works with young Londoners, families and communities affected by violence and exploitation.

We work alongside some of the most high risk children and young people in London, supporting them to build positive futures for themselves.