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Blue Ventures
Seeing Is Believing - community-led marine conservation in Zanzibar

Film & Campaign Description

Fishing as a way of life in Zanzibar is threatened by the perfect storm of changing climate and the use of destructive fishing methods. The resulting decline in catches has serious consequences for those that rely on the sea to survive. Not all is hopeless, though, as efforts by conservationists from Mwambao, working closely with Beach Management Units (community organisations that manage the sea) have begun to have an effect. Sharing knowledge between peers has boosted the awareness and willingness of communities across Zanzibar to engage in conservation efforts.

For fishing communities in Zanzibar, SEEING really IS BELIEVING!

Thanks to Mwambao Coastal Community Network and the community of Mtende for their support in this production.

Blue Ventures

Blue Ventures is a marine conservation organisation that puts people first. We support coastal fishers in remote and rural communities to rebuild fisheries, restore ocean life and build lasting pathways to prosperity.

Our work began two decades ago in Madagascar’s remote coastal communities and is growing globally.

Across more than a dozen countries, we’re partnering with traditional fishers and community based organisations to design, scale, strengthen and sustain fisheries management and conservation at the community level.

We bring partners together in networks to advocate for reform, and share tools and best practices to support fishing communities across the globe.

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