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Shropshire Cat Rescue
Rudy the cat reporting on Kitten Influx and Appeal

Film & Campaign Description

Rudy the cat who arrived at the shelter himself just hours old and was hand reared by the shelter manager, he never left. Rudy takes on reporting duties to highlight our kitten influx we experienced in September 23 at one point we topped 56 kittens which for a small rescue is the largest amount of kittens we have had in our care.

Rudy introduces you to the kittens and some of the mum cats, he explains how they will be neutered once their kittens are fully weaned before heading off to their foreverhomes. Rudy describes the other measures like socialisation for all kittens. It is particularly important for those who are more timid to help ensure they are going fully equipped to cope in a home setting. Behavioural assessments are regularly carried out for mother and kittens to ensure we are meeting their emotional needs and recognising signs of fear, anxiety and stress and put things in place to help alleviate these as much as possible. 
we could not do what we do with our amazing volunteers who are dedicated and passionate. 

Our appeal helps towards cost of their care including shelter, food and veterinary care. Everyone caring for the cats at the shelter and admin team are all volunteers.

Shropshire Cat Rescue

We are based in Shrewsbury in Shropshire and provide for the surrounding area shelter, food and veterinary care for homeless, stray, abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens, and rehoming where possible. Shropshire Cat Rescue also helps feral cats wherever possible with veterinary care including neutering. We also educate the public on all aspects of health and welfare of cats and kittens. We hold events to help show how being in the company of cats can really help both cats and people, for example Book Buddies which is where people book to come along and read to the resident cats. The cats really engage with it and it is a lovely way for more nervous readers to build confidence as the cats sit and listen whilst not judging. 

The Retirement Village is a unique facility that provides a wonderful retirement home for our more mature felines.

It was funded through donations and sponsorship and was built back in 2009. It comprises six luxury chalets that can each house up to four cats, plus the ‘Moggies Mansion’ which, as the name suggests, is a spacious home where our villagers can mix and relax together whenever they choose.

The Retirement Village is the ‘purrfect’ place for our senior and super senior residents to enjoy their twilight years in comfort, with cuddles and fuss. They are weighed weekly to monitor for changes that could indicate health concerns any the volunteers are concerned about are highlighted for the vet to check on their weekly visit.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: