Our Time
Put away your labels

Film & Campaign Description

Words can carry more weight than people know. Growing up with a mother who has a mental illness, Phoebe and Evelyn find it hard not to be troubled by the careless way people around them talk about it.

'Put away your labels' is the third film in a trilogy of short animations created by the Our Time Charity intended to address commonplace issues faced by children and young people who live with a parent or guardian who has a mental illness. Each film has focused on making sure these children realise they are not alone in their struggles while being thought provoking pieces for others, helping reframe the subject and combat stigma rooted in myths and stereotypes.

Our Time

​​Our Time supports children who have a parent with a mental illness. For many young people, growing up with a parent who is struggling with their mental health can be a difficult and overwhelming experience. It is often isolating, confusing – even frightening. It can bring with it immense responsibility, and also stigma. But with the right support and understanding these young people can go on to lead happy and fulfilling lives – just like any other child. This is our ambition.

At the moment, as many as one in three children have a parent with poor mental health. Around one in ten live with an adult with severe mental health difficulties. Given the impact of the pandemic on adult mental health, it’s likely the numbers of children affected are even higher. These are the young people we work to help.

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