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Paul's Story of Survival

Film & Campaign Description

Paul said: “Thames Valley Air Ambulance became the people who not only picked me up off the road, but the people who continued to check in with me once I was home. I felt like someone was keeping an eye on me.

We teamed up with Shane Barrell Films to launch this animated video to support our Christmas Appeal depicting our patient, Paul’s story.

In January 2022, Paul was on his way to work in Faringdon. He noticed a car on the roadside, so he parked his car on the other side of the road and went over to help, waving to approaching cars to warn them to slow down. One passing car slowed, but the second car did not manage to hit the brakes in time and Paul was pinned between two vehicles.

Thames Valley Air Ambulance arrived on scene by helicopter and gave Paul ketamine to manage his pain, then he was carefully brought out of the ditch. At the John Radcliffe Hospital, Paul was rushed straight into surgery. His right leg was amputated that morning.

Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Thames Valley Air Ambulance is the charity that gives everybody in our community the best chance of surviving and recovering from an emergency.

In Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire we bring hospital-level care to patients by land and air. Medicine and equipment. Paramedics and doctors. Our team are highly trained and ready for any eventuality. Giving our patients the best chance when the worst happens.

Together, we do everything in our power to protect, save and revive lives with the best critical care at the scene and beyond.

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