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Carers Worldwide
Parvathi's Journey - 10 Years of Carers Worldwide

Film & Campaign Description

For 10 years Carers Worldwide has been working with local charity partners in South Asia to recognise and support unpaid family carers. 

This is the story of Parvathi and her son Mallaya. Parvathi was one of the first unpaid carers we supported when we started our work back in 2012 and she is still part of our work today, now playing a leading role in her community and helping many other unpaid family carers to thrive. Our film shows the journey that Parvathi has been on with our support.

"10 years ago I did not want to live. Now with the help of Carers worldwide, I have the will to live and a desire to achieve something. My life has changed thanks to Carers Worldwide and I want other to experience that change as well. My aim is to help other carers grow." - Parvathi

Thank you to Parvathi and Mallaya for sharing their story.

Film shot and edited by Bhargav Shandilya

Carers Worldwide

Carers Worldwide is the only organisation exclusively highlighting and tackling the issues facing unpaid family carers in low- and middle-income countries.

Family carers are an invisible army of people providing a vital service to society yet their own needs are routinely ignored. This vulnerable and hidden group are at high risk of social stigma, isolation, ill health and poverty. We promote their inclusion and give them a voice.  

Since 2012 we have been working in South Asia to highlight the important role played by unpaid family carers and advocating for their inclusion into mainstream development programmes.

We partner with carefully selected local NGOs in our countries of operation who, with our support and funding, implement programmes and strategies that holistically transform the mental, physical, social, and economic wellbeing of carers. We currently work in partnership with 15 local NGOs across India, Nepal and Bangladesh and since our inception, have transformed the lives of over 120,000 carers and family members. 

A recent independent report commissioned for our 10th anniversary, found that for every £1 invested, our Carers Worldwide Model generates £7.79 of social and material return.

Our Mission is to achieve recognition of the role of carers and to transform the lives of carers, their families and their communities.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: