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Parkinson's UK
Parkinson's, DBS and Me - Episode 8: Decision Day

Film & Campaign Description

This film is episode 8 in a 12 part series about Jo and her journey towards getting life changing treatment. In this episode, Jo awaits the decision from the multi-disciplinary team meeting, where health care professionals discuss individual patient cases. After a long period of uncertainty, Jo hopes she will finally know if she’s suitable for deep brain stimulation surgery. 

The in-house film team at Parkinson's Uk followed Jo for a year of her life. At the end of this film, we encourage our audience to keep watching the series and follow Jo's journey. We also signpost to our information around Deep Brain Stimulation treatment, as this was one of the primary aims of the series. Our budget for making this series what not large at all and this film cost around £1,200 in total to make, including travel and accommodation costs for the crew and an additional freelance camera person. 

About DBS and Me

Jo Yaldren was diagnosed with Parkinson’s when she was just 47 years old. She has 2 kids. She's a former nurse. And she's hoping to get a treatment called deep brain stimulation (DBS).

For Jo, DBS is the light at the end of a tunnel. It’s given her, and her family and friends, hope that she can improve her quality of life.

We're working together with Jo to tell her story. How she manages her Parkinson's day to day. How she's tried to come to terms with her diagnosis. How she thinks about the future. The impact on her family and friends. What gets her down, and what lifts her up.

And through a series of intimate and very personal short documentaries, Jo shares her journey as she navigates appointments with consultants, NHS waiting times and, she hopes, the surgery itself. The series has been incredibly well received by audiences across the world, clocking nearly a million views across all channels. Episode 8 alone has received over 55,000 views organically across al of our social channels (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Later episodes then went on to receive over 100,000 views each on Instagram alone. 

Everyone’s Parkinson’s story is different. This is Jo’s.

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