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Suicide is the biggest killer of young people in the UK.
With over 50% of mental health issues established by the age of 14. 
1 in 4 school children self harming. 7% of 17 year olds have attempted suicide. And 25% of deaths of 15–17 year olds due to suicide. It felt like we as parents needed to talk more about this. 

in this feature length documentary Ben Akers, talks to parents, kids, experts and looks for solutions on how we can help out kids become mentally strong.

He tries to discover what we can do, to help our next generation. From body image. To self harm. From societal pressures. To our expanding digital world. And explore the power of talking.
Because if we get this right, we can help young people manage their mental health not just for today but for generations to come. Because our kids are our future. Our Kids Our Lives.


So from here we are launching "Talk Youth" a new positive initiative by Talk Club to help parents/teachers/coaches connect with the young people in their lives.

Talk Club is all about preventing poor mental health. We do this by promoting and encouraging mental fitness, by trying to get everyone to look after themselves. It’s all based around:  “How are you? Out of 10? Then explaining why.

Talk Club

Talk Club is a male mental health charity. Our goal is to help create a mentally fit society. 
Trying to prevent mental ill health by talking about our worries earlier and regularly.

We exist because suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50 in the UK.
76% of UK suicides are male.
A man takes his own life every 90 minutes in the UK.
Talk Club wants to change that.
We want to help men to look after themselves before they become ill.
That’s why we focus on mental fitness.
Trying to prevent mental ill health.

We began as a talking group in the back of a pub in March 2019 (gaining Charity status in April 2021).
Since then we have grown into a force for good, with over 3000 men in almost 80 clubs around the UK.  
We are building a safe community for men to be vulnerable and open up. 

From Talk & Exercise. Talk & Listen. And now Talk Club Therapy.  It's all based around How are you? Out of 10?
Then explaining why.  

As part of the mission we have create "Talk Youth"  because in reality - suicide is the biggest killer of males 9 - 50 in the UK.  So we want to see if we can empower adults talk to their young people and start those conversations.

That's why we created OurKidsOurLives, a hard hitting film that schools can run with their PTA and parents/teachers/coaches can connect with the young people in their lives.

Because if we can get the next generation to connect with their feelings more so, they look after themselves.

'Steve" - the film that sparked the creation of Talk Club  

And our TED talk about our journey:

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