On The Ball

Film & Campaign Description

Football is often seen as a universal game that transcends language and geography. But it’s not always so simple if you are neurodivergent, or have language processing difficulties. And sometimes, it can be overwhelming.Action-attainment created ‘On the Ball’ football sessions to support neurodiverse children to take part in sport, make friends and have fun. Our film follows one of these Saturday morning ‘On the Ball’ sessions, and is narrated by neurodiverse coaches, children and their families.At its heart, ‘On the Ball’ is Saturday morning football. But the programme also integrates occupational therapy techniques and strategies to help children concentrate, take part, take part and make friends. It’s more than sport – it’s skills for life.


Action-attainment is a community interest company for neurodiverse children and young people, and everyone who works alongside them. We work with families, schools and sports organisations to provide practical inclusion strategies that can be used in all areas of life.Neurodiverse children deserve active, fun and fulfilling lives. But too often, young people are let down by systems that don’t understand them or meet their needs. And over time, this can lead to school exclusion, anxiety and isolation. As a community of parents, education experts, and neurodiverse people, we aim to share knowledge and strategies to build a fairer world for all children. We believe in taking action early and attaining positive outcomes.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

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