Criminal Justice Alliance
Odds Stacked Against Us

Film & Campaign Description

Odds Stacked Against Us explores the cumulative disadvantage that has built up for Black, Asian and racially minoritised communities over years of discriminatory criminal justice policies and practices being introduced; stop and search is just one of many. Through interviews with academics, charity campaigners, public service workers and people with lived experience, the film explores different policies within policing and the wider justice system that disproportionately impact racially minoritised people, and calls on the Government for action. It was produced alongside an academic toolkit to measure and reduce the impact of these policies. It contains material of a sensitive nature, including racism, discrimination and police violence.

Criminal Justice Alliance

The Criminal Justice Alliance is a network of 180+ organisational and academic members working towards a fair and effective criminal justice system.

Our members include charities, social enterprises, think tanks, research institutions and staff associations. They work across the criminal justice system, in areas such as crime prevention, sentencing, policing, prisons, probation, victim services, mental health, drug policy and treatment.