Not Do Nothing: The Loss and Damage Documentary

Film & Campaign Description

This documentary shines a light on the participants, partners and politicians involved in one of the first Loss and Damage projects in the world in Malawi, including interviews with the President of Malawi and the First Minister of Scotland. ‘Not Do Nothing’ demonstrates why Loss and Damage is one of the most pressing issues in our world today, and why those who have caused the climate crisis must be the ones to pay for the damage.


SCIAF is the official relief and development agency of the Catholic Church in Scotland. We believe that a just and green world is possible, if we join together and put our faith into action. Compelled by Christ’s love, we work with those in the world's poorest places to end poverty, protect our common home, and help people recover from disaster.

Through our advocacy work and campaigning, we also work to break the structures that keep people poor. We do this in Scotland and the UK, and in collaboration with partners and networks overseas.

SCIAF is present in the most difficult places, working with people in the hardest circumstances, so they can overcome their daily struggles and the structures of injustice that make and keep them poor. We actively serve those forced to the fringes of society and deprived of opportunity.

In the field of climate change, we have – for many decades – been implementing projects that enhance community sustainability in the face of the climate crisis, particularly around access to water, food and gender equity.

Most recently, the issue of Loss and Damage has become a key priority for SCIAF and many of our allies and partners around the world. Through the organisation of the Glasgow Climate Dialogues, we were instrumental in bringing forth First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s landmark announcement on Loss and Damage funding at COP26. And since then, with our partners in Malawi, we delivered one of the first Loss and Damage programmes in the world in the country, which serves as an action example of how similar projects could function in the future.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: