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"This Christmas, people who have fled war and persecution will be sleeping on Manchester's streets, with nothing. Hopeless. Like I was. You can change that. You can help Boaz bring them hope." - Noah*

Boaz's 2023 Christmas Appeal shares the story of Noah, who fled his home country due to persecution by his government and his community. Noah hoped the UK would be a place of safety for him, but instead he found himself destitute, homeless, and completely hopeless. "Life, for me, was hell," he says. 

Thankfully, the Boaz Trust was able to reach out to Noah at his lowest point and help him rebuild his life. Now, he's choosing to share his story to help others facing the same struggle.

A detention centre, a barge or a doorway shouldn't be anyone's home this Christmas, or ever. That's why we're asking people to help us open the doors of Boaz houses this Christmas, so we can give more people a warm welcome and hope when they need it most.

*Name changed for security

The Boaz Trust

People arriving in the UK seeking safety deserve hospitality, not hostility. That's why Boaz provides safe accommodation, holistic support and challenges the unjust systems that cause destitution.

All too often, people arriving in the UK seeking asylum end up facing destitution and homelessness. This should not be the norm. The Boaz Trust is a Manchester-based charity supporting people who have become homeless after claiming asylum. Our housing and one-to-one support is a lifeline for people who have nowhere else to turn, and who have been failed by the government.

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