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Raspberry Pi Foundation
My Coding Story: Jay

Film & Campaign Description

As part of our work to advance our mission — to put the power of computing and digital making into the hands of people all over the world — we are celebrating incredible members of the community who are changing the world around us. We are incredibly proud to be a part of their journeys — and to see the positive impact of engaging with our free programmes, coding clubs, and resources.

We would like to introduce you to Jay. Jay got into coding at a young age because he became curious about creating games. With encouragement from his teachers, he soon found a community of like-minded young people at coding workshops, and at CoderDojo.

After honing his skills and developing cost-effective robotics projects for Coolest Projects, Jay decided to start passing on his knowledge to others. Now he regularly teaches coding and physical computing to children and adults in his community, something he absolutely loves to do.

Watch Jay’s video to see what he’s learned from his incredible journey with computing and help us to celebrate these amazing community members by voting for his story.

Raspberry Pi Foundation

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a UK-based charity with the mission to enable young people to realise their full potential through the power of computing and digital technologies.

Our vision

Our vision is that every young person develops:

  • The knowledge, skills, and confidence to use computers and digital technologies effectively in their work, community, and personal life; to solve problems and to express themselves creatively
  • Sufficient understanding of societal and ethical issues to be able to critically evaluate digital technologies and their application, and to design and use technology for good
  • The mindsets that enable them to confidently engage with technological change and to continue learning about new and emerging technologies

Our long-term goals

  1. Education: To enable any school to teach students about computing and how to create with digital technologies, through providing the best possible curriculum, resources, and training for teachers.
  2. Non-formal learning: To engage millions of young people in learning about computing and how to create with digital technologies outside of school, through online resources and apps, clubs, competitions, and partnerships with youth organisations.
  3. Research: To deepen our understanding of how young people learn about computing and how to create with digital technologies, and to use that knowledge to increase the impact of our work and advance the field of computing education.