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Muscular Dystrophy UK: Together we are stronger

Film & Campaign Description

Living with a muscle wasting condition can be exhausting, stressful and lonely, with endless medical appointments, physiotherapy, treatments, and respiratory support. Many conditions are progressive and get worse over time. They can cause difficulty walking, swallowing, breathing complications, pain, heart problems and failure. Life can be more challenging or cut short.

Michael Attenborough CBE, a long-standing supporter of the charity, as was his father Lord Richard Attenborough CBE narrates this video which was used to launch our recent brand refresh. In this, we wanted to show what living with a muscle wasting condition is like and the work we're doing as one community to change the future of muscle wasting conditions. We wanted to place our community’s experience at the heart of this film by using lots of user generated content. Our aim was to show everyday life and the inspirational work of the muscle wasting community; staff and volunteers; scientists and supporters; friends and family; healthcare professionals and other charities, because together we are stronger.

Muscular Dystrophy UK

Muscular Dystrophy UK is the leading charity for more than 110,000 children and adults in the UK living with one of over 60 muscle wasting and weakening conditions. We share expert advice and support people to live well now; fund groundbreaking research to understand the different conditions better and to lead us to new treatments; work with the NHS towards universal access to specialist healthcare; and together, we campaign for people’s rights, better understanding, accessibility, and access to treatments. We believe in the power of community, that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Because the more of us who come together, the greater the impact we’ll make.

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