National Eczema Society
More than 'just an itch'

Film & Campaign Description

National Eczema Society wants to share with you personal stories to raise awareness about the psychological impact of eczema. It’s a reminder that eczema is not just a physical condition; it’s a complex journey that can affect self-esteem, mental health, and overall well-being.

More Than “Just an Itch” is not just a campaign video; it’s a heartfelt exploration of the psychology behind eczema. We hope it gives people outside the eczema community the opportunity to walk in the shoes of those who bravely face this condition every day and showcases the strength, resilience, and hope that can be found amidst the challenges.

National Eczema Society

Formed in 1975, National Eczema Society is the UK charity for everyone affected by eczema. We provide information and advice for people living with eczema and their families, which we deliver through our website, social media channels, publications and nurse-supported Helpline. We are also the voice of people with eczema, raising awareness of the condition, supporting research into new treatments and campaigning for better medical care.

We are committed to making life easier for the 1 in 5 children and 1 in 10 adults who suffer from eczema. Our Helpline is the first point of contact for anyone affected by eczema, providing support and guidance on eczema management and treatment.