Ride For Freedom
Modern Slavery Awareness Day at Northbury Primary School

Film & Campaign Description

The Ride For Freedom Schools Programme video powerfully captures how our initiative that is delivered to primary schools aged children in Barking and Dagenham, East London, leaves an enduring impact on the young minds it touches.

This programme is a testament to our commitment to imparting wisdom and shaping the future leaders of tomorrow. Beyond merely recognising the signs of modern slavery, our initiative instils in these students the importance of raising awareness and speaking out within their communities.

Through this campaign, we provide these young minds with the empowerment of a voice—a force that is formidable and vital for the greater good. We inspire them to pedal forward, pursuing their dreams, fostering inspiration, and empowering them to be the change.

More than a momentary impact, the Ride For Freedom Schools Programme creates a lasting legacy. It is a call to action that transcends the present, aiming to shape a future where awareness, empowerment, and the courage to stand against injustice become an inherent part of society for years to come.

Ride For Freedom

Ride For Freedom is a passionate movement that leverages the universal love for cycling to raise awareness, educate, and establish meaningful partnerships in the relentless pursuit of raising awareness to help end modern slavery. Fueled by a deep sense of urgency and compassion, our mission is aligned with SDG 8.7, aiming to eradicate the grave injustice faced by approximately 50 million individuals worldwide enduring enslavement at any given moment.

Our commitment to this cause stems from the heart-wrenching reality that demands collective action.

Ride For Freedom achieves its mission through unique cycling challenge events and strategic partnerships with sports clubs, companies, and aligned charities. The funds raised support the development of Freewheel by Ride For Freedom, a remedial programme designed to empower survivors of modern slavery through cycling. Providing survivors with bikes, accessories, and comprehensive cycling training. The tangible benefits include enhanced independence and mobility, as well as improved mental and physical health and well-being.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: