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Lymphoma Action
Lymphoma Symptoms

Film & Campaign Description

Our short animation explains some of the common symptoms of lymphoma, and when someone might want to contact their GP if they have symptoms that are persistent or get worse.

Lymphoma Action

Lymphoma Action is the UK’s only charity dedicated to lymphoma, the 5th most common cancer. 

We’ve been providing in-depth, expert information and wide-ranging support for over 35 years, helping thousands of people affected by lymphoma, their families and loved ones.

We inform with trusted information, endorsed by medical experts, empowering people to understand the complexities of lymphoma. We also raise awareness of its signs and symptoms.

We support those affected by lymphoma and their families at every stage, helping them from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. We also support medical professionals to deliver the best possible care.

We connect those affected by lymphoma to our expert staff and volunteer team, and to those going through similar experiences.

We’re here to make sure no one faces lymphoma alone.