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Teenage Cancer Trust
Lulu: Forever 19

Film & Campaign Description

This short film celebrates the life of 19-year-old Lulu Blundell who died on New Year’s Day 2023, and the Teenage Cancer Trust and NHS staff who supported her to keep living life to the full through four years of treatment and in her last months.

The film, which was part of Teenage Cancer Trust’s #talkaboutdying campaign, sees Lulu’s own inspiring words and reflections on living with cancer and a terminal diagnosis read out by her mum Carolyn against a backdrop of photos and video taken by Lulu and her loved ones.

The film was inspired by and includes the exact words written by Lulu on her JustGiving page for an event she ran for Teenage Cancer Trust and posts on her Instagram account.

Teenage Cancer Trust’s in-house team approached her mum Carolyn about using these words as a basis for a film about her life, then worked closely with her to create and record the script and select film and photo footage.  A shorter edit of the film was used for social media.  

Through news coverage of the film and social media, Lulu’s positive message about making the most of every moment has now reached millions of people around the world. We are extremely grateful to Lulu’s family for allowing us to share her story and their work on the film.    

Carolyn, Lulu’s mum, said:

“There is nothing that ever eases the pain when you lose your child, and their life is cut so dreadfully short, but some comfort comes from seeing even a little good come from it. And this film so beautifully captures our daughter, and all that is important for everyone to remember; and perhaps most importantly raised the profile of a wonderful charity supporting young people when faced with almost impossible challenge.”   

For further information about Lulu and the film please visit: Inspiring words of teenager Lulu Blundell, who died at 19, focus of new #talkaboutdying film | Teenage Cancer Trust

Lulu: Forever 19 team:

Carolyn Blundell, Lulu’s mum 

John Stead at Teenage Cancer Trust: Director, filming, sound, editing

Claire Monger at Teenage Cancer Trust: Concept, research, scripting, family liaison 

Heather Bowen at Teenage Cancer Trust: Additional family liaison

Total spent on producing the film: £330 

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