London Taxi Drivers Charity For Children
LTCFC 2023 Outing to Paradise Wildlife Park

Film & Campaign Description

Have you ever been fortunate enough to witness a spectacle of over 100 taxis adorned with balloons, parading on the motorway towards Southend? It's a heartwarming sight, and it's all for a good cause. For nearly a century, 'The London Taxi Drivers Charity For Children' has been dedicated to helping children in need. Our annual trips to the seaside are just one of the many ways in which we support these kids. Additionally, we organize various exciting events and tirelessly raise funds to fulfill the numerous appeals we receive. What makes our charity even more special is that our committee and team of volunteers are practically all London Taxi Drivers. We selflessly give our time and effort to make these trips happen, thanks to the generous donations from individuals like yourself.

A fun fact about the LTCFC 

- Our overall expenses are one of the lowest of any registered charity, mainly because none of the committee receive any payment for their work or time. Something we are very proud of.