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St Mungo's
Last night on the streets

Film & Campaign Description

St Mungo’s is one of the only large homelessness organisations with frontline workers who go out every night to help get people sleeping rough to safety. While everyone’s journey out of homelessness is different, meeting a frontline worker can be a turning point for many people experiencing homelessness.

Part of a wider integrated campaign, the film is based on stories from St Mungo’s clients. The different voices dovetail into one narrative, showing how St Mungo’s frontline workers help people get to safety, where they can start to rebuild their lives.

By using anxiety-ridden quick cuts, overlaid with poignant testimonies, we give our audiences a small window into the dangers of sleeping on the streets. At the midpoint of the film, where things feel most frightening, our St Mungo’s frontline worker appears and helps Hannah into emergency accommodation. There, our character is given the safety and security she needs to start to rebuild her life.