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Staying Put
Jo's Story

Film & Campaign Description

Jo didn’t think that she would ever end up in an abusive relationship.

She thought that it didn’t happen to women like her. The truth is, it can happen to anybody. Watch her story and discover how she gained the strength to say no to abuse. We help over 22,000 people across Bradford every year. If Jo’s story resonated with you, and you need to speak to one of our trained staff members, call our One Front Door on 0808 2800 999.

Staying Put

We listen, we believe, we act

Staying Put is a domestic abuse and sexual violence charity working across the Bradford area. We support women, men and children who are survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

We provide support to women, young people and men through:

A confidential phoneline and webchat to provide practical and emotional support to anyone experiencing or worried about someone experiencing domestic abuse

Early intervention and prevention- providing workshops to empower people experiencing domestic abuse. Drop in sessions in schools and colleges

We have a number of IDVAs- Independent Domestic Violence Advocates who support people who have experienced domestic abuse and ISVAS- Independent Sexual Violence Advocates to support people who have experience sexual violence

We have Hospital IDVAs who work within the hospital setting to recognise domestic abuse and provide training on the signs to healthcare professionals

GP IDVAs -IDVAS working in doctors surgeries identify, understand and improve domestic abuse interventions across healthcare settings. Focus on particular vulnerable groups who face the most barriers in disclosing abuse or accessing services. Provide training on how to identify domestic abuse to healthcare professionals

Male IDVAs- to provide support specifically for men experiencing domestic abuse

LGBT+ advocate- to support people in the LBGT+ community experiencing domestic abuse

DA Car- As part of partnership working with WYP, our trained Domestic Abuse Practitioners attend domestic abuse incidents jointly with the police to reduce the number of repeat cases to MARAC and to ensure timely interventions with survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Attendance to DRAM meetings- As Domestic Abuse Practitioners we participate in DRAM (Daily Risk Assessment Meetings) to help assess High Risk victims of crime for potential domestic abuse service.

Attending MARAC meetings- The MARAC is attended by representatives from a range of agencies including police, health, child protection, housing, Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs), probation, mental health and substance misuse and other specialists from the statutory and voluntary sectors. During the meeting relevant and proportionate information is shared about the current risks, enabling representatives to identify options to increase the safety of the survivor and any other vulnerable parties such as children.

Providing refuges- We have four refuges across the Bradford District. We offer safe accommodation for single women or women with children in a range of shared and self-contained units, rooms or flats.

Providing dispersed accommodation- these properties are the next step from refuge, they are private properties in the community, where residents get extra support with managing a household through their Staying Put keyworker

Survive and Thrive Partnership lead provider- outing people experiencing domestic abuse at the centre of our work, ensuring that they get the help they need from partner organisations

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: