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STAMMA, the British Stammering Association
It's How We Talk

Film & Campaign Description

"Some people see stammering as beautiful, others as something ugly and worth fixing. Regardless of what you think about this campaign, the fact remains — it's just how some people talk. Deal with it." Daniel Liakh, director & creative, VMLY&R London

It's How We Talk, created by brand and customer experience agency VMLY&R London, features seventeen members of the UK stammering community. The film features the stills and voices of 18 people who stammer.  

CEO Jane Powell said "We wanted to cut through the fog of misunderstandings about stammering - it's just nerves, it's all in the head, it can be cured, people who stammer aren't very bright - and land the message that this is how some people talk.  This is their normal.  So don't cut them off, finish their sentences, make a joke.  Let them speak.

Known for his passion to tell human stories, the campaign was captured by acclaimed portrait photographer, David Vintiner, who is regularly commissioned by high profile editorial clients including GQ and Esquire, as well as being exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery.

The film was produced by Sticker Studios, directed by Daniel Liakh, and edited by Beth Roberts at Nomad. Yellow Boat music handled the sound design and composition.

"Stills campaigns can be difficult to bring to life, so choosing the moments that conveyed the true reality of speaking with a stammer was key to creating a piece that felt natural, authentic, and engaging. It was important to show the emotion and personality of everyone, giving them the time and space to tell their story." Beth Roberts, editor, Nomad

STAMMA, the British Stammering Association

STAMMA, the British Stammering Association, is the UK national charity for people who stammer (or stutter) and those that support them. 

We exist to create a world that makes space for stammering. Where a stammer is embraced as just a difference. Where no-one judges us on our stammer or the way we choose to deal with it.

We stand up for and empower those who stammer and challenge discrimination wherever we find it. We provide support and information and fight for speech and language therapy services for those who want it. No matter how you talk, we're here for you.

Find out more about who we are and what we do at

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