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Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality
ISCRE@45 - Connecting the Generations

Film & Campaign Description

ISCRE@45 ‘Connecting the Generations’ short film was created to celebrate ISCRE’s 45th Anniversary as a Racial Equality team in Ipswich and Suffolk.

The film highlights the impact ISCRE as a Racial Equality team has in the Ipswich and Suffolk community. This can be seen through a series of interviews culminating into a ‘must see’ short film with the early pioneers and others connected to ISCRE taking a leading role. The film tells us about the struggles those pioneers faced and show how the community has seen some positive change, yet there is still more to be done to achieve a fairer Suffolk for all to live work and visit.

In Connecting the Generations, children and young people were invited to ask the pioneers questions and to learn from them how they overcame those racial struggles and oppression since 1977.

This truly was “A celebration of 45 years of ISCRE, looking back at the journey travelled by our pioneers, the giants who came before us and all those who have been part of this wonderful story of passion and resilience” as quoted by, Phanuel Mutumburi, Director of ISCRE.

Please enjoy ISCRE’s film and check out our website and social media pages for future projects. We are very happy to receive your vote on this film, thank you!

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