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I am a Changemaker | Shoba Resalayyan's Story

Film & Campaign Description

Today, the UK is facing real political, social, and economic turbulence, like many places around the world. The climate of turbulence is affecting everyone and it’s kicking up major challenges for fostering a sustainable cross-sector community infrastructure for social cohesion in the UK. At Plan for Peace, we work closely with community changemakers across the UK to build locally-led community infrastructures for cohesion that are sustainable and nationally bridging through our programme, Changemakers in Turbulent Times. 

This is the story of Shoba Resalayyan - changemaker and community hero.  Shoba joined our Changemakers in Turbulent Times programme's first cohort and we were immediately touched by the work she is doing for her community. Click the video to hear Shoba's story, meet the people she's uplifting in the Slough community, and how she's helping new UK citizens integrate and gain language skills. 

Plan for Peace

Plan for Peace acts as a catalyst for peace. Through our programmes in the UK and globally, we seek to support infrastructures for peace and social cohesion at all levels – from individuals and communities to governments and policymakers.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: