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Host Nation
HostNation: Friends in Deed

Film & Campaign Description

At HostNation we believe that every refugee deserves a friend. Find out how to be a Friend In Deed: https://www.hostnation.org.uk/befriend

"The centre of my world has grown bigger," says asylum seeker Sheila, "I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now without Sabrina. It's been a real turning point for me."

We are a volunteer-led charity finding local friends for asylum seekers and refugees in London, Greater Manchester and Tyne & Wear.

Through careful matching, we provide refugees and asylum seekers with a more positive experience of our cities, a way into our society and an informal way to practise English. If you'd like to be a Friend In Deed, we'd love to hear from you: www.hostnation.org.uk

Special thanks to Media Trust and City Bridge Foundation for making this film possible, and to director Michael O'Kelly.

Host Nation

We connect socially isolated asylum seekers and refugees with volunteer befrienders. We operate in London, Greater Manchester and Tyne & Wear.

Through careful matching with friendly residents, we aim to give refugees a positive experience of our cities, a pathway into our communities and a relaxed space for practising English.

Our founder, Anneke Elwes, was experienced in befriending refugees and knew there were many altruistic people willing to step up. So HostNation was born, and we have fast become a wide family of flourishing social connections.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: