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Family Holiday Charity
Holidays that make a lifetime of difference

Film & Campaign Description

We help families get time away together, often for the first time ever. We’re here for families’ children who have never seen the sea, for teenagers who can’t remember when they last saw their mum smile. For parents having to choose between a day out and a new pair of school shoes. For young carers, kinship carers, families facing illness isolation and bereavement.

Holidays open up new possibilities. There’s time to reconnect, to try new things, and to make happy memories together. Time for running, playing, climbing trees and flying kites, time for picnics and bare feet. There’s time enough to share a laugh and watch the tide come in - for buckets and spades and sandy sandwiches.

Family Holiday Charity - for holidays that make a lifetime of difference.

Family Holiday Charity

Every family needs time together to have fun, try new things, and see each other smile. We know that families who get away together, grow together – into stronger happier, and more confident families.

But for families going through really tough times, going on holiday can feel out of reach. Even a short break can make the world of difference to a child who’s never seen mum smile, shared laughter with their family, or spent a whole day having fun.

Family Holiday Charity exists for children to splash in the sea or play in the sand. We’re here for running through fields and climbing trees. We’re here for picnics, selfies and being away from home – together.

For the families we’re here for, a holiday, short break or group day trip is out of their reach. We’re here to take away the pressure of having to make choices between experiences or new school shoes.

And here to give the gift of a lifetime – space and time, and a chance to make lasting happy memories.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: