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Holding onto moments of joy - Oscar's Story

Film & Campaign Description

"Little Havens has seen us through really hard times, and during those moments, something they've given us is hope."

Oscar has a cheeky personality, a huge smile and a love for everything Harry Potter. Since 2019, Oscar and his family have been supported by Little Havens – emotionally, with respite at home and symptom management care to help control Oscar's pain.

We all deserve to live our lives to the full. No matter how long or how short. By donating today, you'll be helping children at Little Havens like Oscar make every day of their life count.

Havens Hospices

Havens Hospices provides specialist care and support for people of all ages who are living with incurable conditions and their families. We work closely with the person and their health and social care professionals to ensure their care and support is the best it can possibly be, so everyone in our community can get the most from life, and make every day count.

Our specialist team offers a wide range of care and support options for patients and their loved ones, based on their needs and wishes. This can be in the comfort of their own home, in the hospices – Fair Havens for adults or Little Havens for children - or a combination.

Our care and support includes everyone, extending to partners, family and friends to make sure the right support is there for patients and the people who matter to them, where and when they need it.

This care is provided absolutely free of charge.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: