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Hidden in Plain Sight Documentary

Film & Campaign Description

A powerful short documentary featuring people in recovery sharing their messages of hope with the world. A coproduction with Inspire East Lancashire Change Grow Live Volunteers and Inspired Youth Arts

Hidden in Plain Sight aims to raise awareness about the life changing impact caused by alcohol misuse. Shaped by lived experience the campaign highlights the stark realities of alcohol addiction with an emphasis on promoting the critical need for individuals to access professional alcohol services. Our lived experience coproduced campaign aims to challenge, educate, and inspire individuals to make positive changes in their lives.

Produced by Inspired Youth in partnership with Change Grow Live and Inspire Lancashire, shot by Scott Akoz, directed and edited by Kev Curran (Inspired Youth). Soundtrack by Jason Cuthill.

To find out more, access resources or find support and information go to or

The campaign was created for #AlcoholAwarenessWeek 

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